Long-Term Care

About Long-Term Care: Options to Consider

When an individual or family is faced with the reality that someone they love is no longer able to be cared for safely in their home, the conversation turns to what options are available for long-term care.

There are more long-term care options today than ever before and our Social Workers are always willing to explore those options with you and your family.

Assuming that home care options have been exhausted, the choices for long-term care support fall into two main categories; Assisted Living and Nursing Home care.

Increasingly the choices between assisted living and nursing home care are becoming less clear as some assisted living centers are providing higher level care and nursing homes, through culture change initiatives, are moving away from institutional medical models of care to more person centered care. The result is that with more choices, restaurant style dining and home like environments some nursing homes are more like assisted living.

St. Vincent is not your grandmother’s nursing home anymore and individuals considering assisted living centers for memory care or traditional long-term care may want to consider the value that our nursing home offers compared to assisted living. Not only are nursing homes held to higher quality standards and offer more services and higher levels of nurse staffing they can also be a better value with a single all inclusive cost per day.

Transitions from Home: Relationships Make all the Difference

There is no denying that just thinking about making a transition from home to any long-term care setting can be stressful for a family. However, our social workers and care team will make the process as stress-free as possible and a surprising thing often happens. New friends are made and opportunity for social engagement is found throughout the day. Our focus on person-centered care is all about establishing relationships with residents, getting to know their preferences and interests and helping them be engaged in life. Far from being the stereotyped lonely place, our nursing center is a place where warm, caring and yes, loving relationships are nurtured. Family and friends are always welcome to visit, join in activities or share a meal with residents. While it is a surprise to some people, it is not a surprise to us, that many of our residents find living at St. Vincent is a wonderful alternative to living alone.

Services and Amenities

At St. Vincent, we provide coordination of care through our care planning process to assure that each individuals care needs are met.

Services provided or available on site include:

  • Medical Direction by our physician Medical Director who oversees the quality of all medical care provided.
  • Social Services by our social worker and/ or case manager
  • Dietician Services by our ADA Registered Dietician who assures that the menu meets nutritional standards and individual nutritional need is met.
  • Pastoral Care Services
  • Mental Health Services are available on site through our consulting service
  • Podiatric Services are available on site
  • Dental services are available on site
  • Optometry Services are available on site
  • Pharmaceutical Service including a consulting Clinical Pharmacist who regularly reviews individual medication régimes and consults with primary care physicians, nursing and the interdisciplinary team.
  • Laboratory Services
  • Radiology and Imaging Services

Amenities provided or available include:

  • Restaurant-style dining
  • Guest meals available*
  • Religious Services
  • Salon and barber shop*
  • Cable TV
  • Internet access
  • Van Service for outings and appointments
  • Laundry Service*

Activities provided or available include:

  • Music therapy and live entertainment
  • Arts and crafts
  • Movie nights and “Happy Hours”
  • Seasonal themed parties and dining events
  • Gardening
  • Pet therapy
  • Shopping Trips

* = nominal fee for this service