Volunteer Opportunities

Welcome to Catholic Charities New Hampshire’s Volunteer Program! The generous helping hands of our volunteers greatly contribute to enriching the quality of life of those who call one of our facilities home. Volunteers make many of our programs and activities possible. Through your support and generosity, you can make a world of a difference.

Download the volunteer waiver form.

Volunteers can help with activities such as:

  • Room-to-room visits with residents.
  • Help decorate for the holidays
  • Share a special skill such as art, music or dance
  • Host a special event such as a senior prom or a game day.
  • Teach religious education.
  • Unique events, such as manicures, hairdressing and trivia.
  • Coordinate Bingo.
  • Assist with the Music and Memory program

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Candy O’Neil at stv.activitydir@nh-cc.org.