How You Can Help

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering at one of our long term care centers can be as rewarding for the volunteer as for the residents who may enjoy the company. Depending upon the size of the nursing center different volunteer opportunities may exist.

Volunteers can often help with activities such as;

  1. Helping escort residents to activities.
  2. Visiting with residents and perhaps reading a book or newspaper for someone with visual limits or challenges holding a book.
  3. Assisting the Activities or Life Enrichment staff setting up or arranging for group activities.
  4. Assisting residents with individual hobbies or recreational activities.
  5. Volunteers with artistic or musical talent or gardening skills may be able to help our staff in arranging and organizing activities in their area of expertise.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact our Activities Director or the Administrator at the nursing center you are interested in.

Volunteers will be asked to complete an application and screening to comply with state and federal regulations.