How Are We Different?

We Are A Non-Profit, Mission Driven
Catholic Health Care Provider

As a not for profit, mission driven, Catholic health care provider, we share a vision of providing Person-Centered holistic care that addresses the needs of each individual served. We strive to understand and meet the care needs of each person’s mind, body and spirit.

We provide service to people of all faiths and respect each individual’s religious and spiritual beliefs. As a Catholic health care provider we follow the ethical and religious guidelines of the Catholic Church and the ministry of Jesus Christ in caring for our frail elders.

As a not for profit provider, our mission is our mission of service, it is not to generate profits for an individual or corporate owner. As a result our primary focus is providing the best quality of care and quality of life for patients, residents and the clients we serve.

With the broad scope of our health care services those services must be financially self-sustaining based on operating income and we must be good stewards of our financial resources in order to fund renovations, repairs and equipment replacement. Donations are an important component of our ability to fund capital projects and equipment purchases and to supplement life enriching activities for residents.

We Offer Spiritual and Emotional Support

Obviously nursing care and supervision, medical care and rehabilitation services are the main reason people seek assistance in a nursing or assisted living center. Often however when people are seeking these services they are also undergoing significant stress or challenges to their physical well-being or transitions in their levels of independent functioning. It is at these times when individuals often need emotional support and spiritual support as well.

One of the most meaningful compliments received at one of our nursing centers was from a Medical Director who observed that there were other nearby nursing centers where he knew patients could get good medical care also, but he knew that our center could also support his patients who needed spiritual or emotional support and our team members would take care of them.

Focused on Changing the Culture of Nursing Care to Provide Person-Centered Care

Culture Change is a term often used to describe the process that nursing homes have pursued as they change their organization’s culture to focus on delivering more personalized care that meets the needs of the individual being cared for. Over many years, nursing homes and hospitals developed policies and methods of delivering care that were efficient and convenient for care providers but did not always consider the individual needs and desires of the patient. The pursuit of personalized or individualized care is often referred to as Person-Centered Care.

A simple example is how meals are provided. It is efficient for a preselected meal to be delivered on a tray at a set time to each patient. Unfortunately this method of delivering food does not take into account what the patient wants to eat at the actual meal time, when they want to eat or if they want a second helping of a particular item. There is little choice involved for the patient/resident. In pursuit of culture change, a number of our nursing centers now provide hot food choices in each dining area and offer expanded meal periods providing patients/ residents a greater choice of when and what to eat.

Catholic Charities is committed to move forward in our journey of culture change and to provide more person-centered care. We will continue to engage the people we care for and their families to learn their preferences and offer choices while we continually strive to empower employee care givers to listen to those needs and seek ways to best meet each resident’s needs.